Cardinal Hill "Fainting" Goats

Cardinal Hill Goats

Waiting list information:

I have had such a good response in sales of the Myotonic kids, I decided several years ago to start a waiting list for all the kids.  I will compile a list of names and contact information on a first-come first-served basis upon receiving a deposit of $50.00.  The $50.00 fee will then be applied to any purchase made.  When the kidding begins, I will post pictures of kids I plan to sell and those on the waiting list will have first choice. 

Waiting list

          Please call Scott at 956-330-5450 for more information.

Address:  Cardinal Hill Goats  4154 CR 413  Centerville, TX 75833   

Email for Scott


Love my dogs.  The first two I had were Great Pyrenees brother and sister Guy and Junie.  They were absolutely wonderful dogs and it was heartbreaking to see them get older and pass away.  I have since gotten three new LGD's that are all Anatolian Great Pyrenees crosses.  I love my LGD's.  

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