Cardinal Hill "Fainting" Goats

Cardinal Hill Goats

Cardinal Hill

We are Scott and Jackie Kizzia.  We bought our 60 acres of paradise back in 2002 and began slowly working on fencing, putting in roads, building a garden, and all the other preliminary things you must do to get a virgin place ready in which to live and farm.  We bought our first goats in October 2006 and have slowly been increasing and fine tuning our herd ever since.  We now have a beautiful and productive group of 12 Myotonic does that we will continue improving upon each year by selecting the best young does to retain.  Ultimately, we plan to have numerous blue-eyed and multi-colored kids calling Cardinal Hill home.  Our breeding bucks are now Zeke and Douglas.  Zeke is a blue-eyed 3 year old that is very muscular and a great breeder and has OCR bloodlines.  Zeke has produced beautiful multi-colored and all blue eyed kids.  Douglas is our other buck.  He is just over a year old and is the offspring of Cee Money.  Cee Money is a Myotonic Goat Registry Permanent Grand Champion.  We are looking forward to many years of great kids from Douglas.