Cardinal Hill "Fainting" Goats

Cardinal Hill Goats

Peggy was born 3/10/13 and is 100% Myotonic.  She is for sale for $350

Dorothy is 100% Myotonic and was born 3/20/13.  She is for sale for $350

Jennifer was born 3/21/12 and is a blue-eyed 100% Myotonic doe.  She is for sale for $350.

Nina was born 2/13/08 to Moonlight Farms Cyclone and Wolf River Redneck. She is a blue-eyed 100% Myotonic doe.  She is SOLD

Nancy was born 4/7/15 to Wolf River Malachi and Zoe.  She has striking blue-eyes and is 100% Myotonic.   She is SOLD

Zoe was born 2/2/12 to Wolf River Chinstrap and Hollywood Acres Sidney.  She is blue-eyed and is 100% Myotonic.  She is for sale for $350