Cardinal Hill "Fainting" Goats

Cardinal Hill Goats

Douglas was born 1/25/15 and is the son of Dorothy and Cee Money.  Cee Money is an MGR Permanent Grand Champion.  Douglas is 100% Myotonic.   Douglas will be our only breeding buck for our breeding this summer.  The kids born the end of 2017 will all be his kids.  He is for sale for $300

Here is a picture of the sire of Douglas.  He is Permanent Grand Champion Fainting Goat S-L Cee Money.  

Zeke is tri-colored with deep blue eyes and was born 5/27/11.  He is 100% Myotonic and has proven himself to throw beautiful blue-eyed kids.  He is now SOLD. 


This is Samson born January 2017.  He is the offspring of Zeke and Jennifer.  He is $300