Cardinal Hill "Fainting" Goats

Cardinal Hill Goats

Douglas was born 1/25/15 and is the son of Dorothy and Cee Money.  Cee Money is an MGR Permanent Grand Champion.  Douglas is 100% Myotonic.   Douglas will be our only breeding buck for our breeding this summer.  The kids born the end of 2017 and early 2018 will all be his kids.  

Here is a picture of the sire of Douglas.  He is Permanent Grand Champion Fainting Goat S-L Cee Money.  

Zeke is tri-colored with deep blue eyes and was born 5/27/11.  He is 100% Myotonic and has proven himself to throw beautiful blue-eyed kids.  He is now sold. 


This young guy will be our replacement for Zeke.  He will be ready to help us with breeding for the 2018 breeding season.  He is the offspring of Zeke and Jennifer.